Bride For Rent Full Movie Online

Bride for Rent is a 2014 Filipino romantic comedy film directed by Mae Cruz starring Kim Chiu and Xian Lim. It is produced by Star Cinema as its opening salvo. The film achieved numerous milestones including being the second highest grossing Filipino romantic comedy movie of all-time after It Takes a Man and a Woman and third highest grossing non-MMFF film of all-time after It Takes a Man and a Woman and Praybeyt Benjamin respectively, and also the highest-grossing January-released film of all-time in the country.

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3.Choose A Mobile offer from the list [New tab will open with offer page].

4.Complete the offer by submitting your phone number [you will get back your charges,there is a trick].

5.After you complete the offer and your mobile gets charged,the video will automatically unlock in the other window].

6.At this time ,instantly send “STOP” without quotes to the number associated with the survey/offer you just completed [dont wait to watch the video , send the message instantly].

7.You will recieve a message saying that all charges have been restored and the offer has been deactivated.

8.Enjoy The Video.

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